Making Rent Payments Matter!

Reward Residents  

Reporting payment information can help residents build their consumer credit profile

Reduce Delinquency  

Encourage residents to pay on-time by providing a heightened sense of responsibility.

Improve Screening 

Responsible residents want to receive credit for fulfilling their lease obligation.   

Additional Revenue 

Our service provides you an additional revenue source. 

Why Us

Loved by Property Management Companies, Owners, and Residents. 

Credit Gnomes creates a seamlessly integrated conduit for property management companies to report resident rental payments to the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

Our solution improves cash flow for property owners by reducing delinquency and “bad debt” while allowing residents to benefit from making timely payments of their largest monthly expenditure, their rent! 

Credit Gnomes promotes financial literacy with educational resources and insight that help renters understand how credit scores are determined and how to build better credit.

These resident features can improve their access and reduce their cost of credit.

Our Services

Powerful Features Tailored to Your Business

Credit Gnomes works with Property Managers and ownership groups in offering a program that allows them to generate ancillary revenue from a service that reduces delinquencies, assists in proactively managing collections, and is a tool that enhances the upfront screening and tenant application process.  


When resident payment history is reported, there is a heightened sense of responsibility, leading to more consistent on-time payments. 
This is a true amenity that can be offered to all your residents, as there is meaningful value in building their credit by consistently making timely rent payments. This opens…

Homeowner’s Association

We are a conduit to report both positive and negative monthly Association dues and periodic assessment payments to the credit reporting agencies on your behalf. 
When association member payment history is reported, there is a heightened sense of responsibility, leading to more consistent…

Resident Benefit Consulting  

Credit Gnomes will partner with you to develop a customized resident benefits program tailored to your needs. Creating value to those who call your property home.  
By creating an effective benefit package, you can increase revenue streams while distinguishing your…

Payment Reporting Gives You Leverage

Large Banks and Lenders Have Leverage; So, Should You  

Credit reporting plays a significant role in the financial landscape, with large banks and lenders recognizing its power. At Credit Gnomes, we empower property management companies, owners of rental properties, and homeowner’s associations to level the playing field. We provide them with the means to accurately report payment information, enhancing their customers’ creditworthiness. 

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